What a mess…part 2

Heading up to the bedrooms… Every room has a bathroom. Walking into the childs room and dang! Look at this mess! Toys and clothes are thrown everywhere! The floor is covered with toys! Legos. Ugh! They are the worse toys in the world to pick up. Who invented these things? Why? Yeah, they look cool when they are put together but when they are not and are thrown all over the place, then they are not cool at all. Picking up toys and clothes should not be a part of the cleaning process. It is time consuming and aggravating. Having to constantly bend over or kneel down to pick up this mess will turn the best cleaner off. So, if you are one who pays to have your home cleaned, make your kids pick up their rooms. You will have a much better clean if you do. Have a good day. Thanks for reading.

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