What a mess…part 1

So, you go into a home and you think, “Oh this is not so bad.” The house is pretty big. The rooms are large which makes it pretty easy to move around in. You walk around, find the kitchen and BAM! Dishes are filling the sink! You think to yourself how in the world can you clean this kitchen with all these dishes in the sink? The customer is aware that cleaning the dishes is not in the contract. So what do you do about it? Ugh! Leave them? Clean them? Or move them out of the way? Either way the dishes are a problem and having them there in the way will take up time dealing with it. In order to get a good looking clean and make the customer happy, those dishes need to go. So, find room in the dish washer if there is one and try to clean whatever is left. Explain to the customer again about the contract and about how cleaning the dishes is not in it. The customer has to realize that cleaning the dishes could potentially turn out to be a dangerous thing. If you break a glass and cut your hand or cut yourself with a knife could be very harmful. The next visit if the dishes are piled up again, find a clean spot and arrange the dishes in a nice pile. When you go back again and the dishes are a piled up mess, leave the dishes. So, if you are one of those people who pay to get your home cleaned, consider the one doing the clean and please make sure your dishes are already cleaned and put away because the person cleaning your home has no interest of cleaning up your dirty dishes and those dirty dishes create a mess for the rest of the home because once the worker has finished washing your dishes, they will be uninterested in cleaning the rest of the home. So, until next time, take care and thanks for reading!

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