The morning hours

After waking, before setting off to work, it would be nice to enjoy peace and quiet. A cup of coffee, talk radio, and a good breakfast. Sounds good huh? When there is a spouse and children in the home, peace and quiet is only a dream. The best thing to do is keep a smile on your face even during the worst mornings to try to make the transition a smooth one or my favorite is to sneak out of the house before anyone wakes. Which is nearly impossible. On an occasion or two, I have been able to get away with it. In order to have a proper day at work, it is a must to have the morning hours stress free because bad feelings shouldn’t be carried to work. It doesn’t make for a productive day. Those feelings will stay with you for most of the day. So, take care to keep the peace in the home especially in the morning hours because the morning hours effect the rest of the day. Thanks for reading. Enjoy your morning.

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