Waking up

The thing about waking up to prepare yourself for work mentally and physically especially when the day consists of cleaning someones home other than your own is a challenging one. Some days the body doesn’t want to move. There are thoughts of not wanting to do this clean today. Ugh! Other days..it’s a different feeling. The mind and body has to be trained to accomplish the task of waking up and wanting to spend your day making someone else happy by cleaning their home. This has to be a passion that is inside of you. If it is not, then throw your cleaning skills out of the window and find another passion. If you wake up and feel any disgust about the home you are scheduled to clean on that day, the clean that you perform for the customer will lack something. It will be a superficial clean. The homeowner pays good for the cleaning service and they deserve their money’s worth. Because without the customer, how could you have the business? So, the thing about waking up and going out to clean for someone else is you have to want to do it happily or it will never work out. Thanks for reading..enjoy your day.

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